Child Care and Youth Ministry

Our Youngest Members

Children’s Church

Twice a month we offer post worship Sunday School activities for all of God’s children.

Health and Safety Precautions

We have taken great care to ensure your health and safety while you’re in our building. We have an AED and multiple first aid kits on site, and our church members are trained in the event that an emergency or medical response is required.

Baptism and Confirmation

The United Methodist Church believes in the sacrament of baptism and celebrates the baptism of people of all ages, including infants. We understand baptism to be a miraculous act of God’s grace, wherein an individual chooses to belong in Christian community and participate in God’s mighty acts of salvation. When a baby or small child is baptized, the parents make a promise to nurture his/her faith at home and in the life of the local church. When the child is ready to take ownership of their Christian faith and wants to join the church on his/her own accord, Pastor Bri will invite them to attend Confirmation courses and celebrate their public declaration of faith in worship.